Dr. Gary Norwood answers your questions:

Explain your “Combination Treatment?”

I have found after many years of practice that combining different therapies gives a much better result in a shorter timeframe. I specialize in treating from different angles. For example, I am able to treat a painful shoulder and neck, sinus, upset stomach, lower stress and boost energy in the same treatment. Most therapists do not do this unfortunately.

How much do treatments cost?

Prices range from $80 - $120 depending on the number of techniques used and the length of treatment time.

Insurance accepted upon verification.

What makes your treatment different ?

Essentially, it is length of experience, technique, motivation and natural ability - the same as in every profession. Most therapists are middle of the road - the minority have the 'X' factor. I personally have difficulty in finding the right person to work on me whether it is biopuncture - acupuncture or therapeutic bodywork. most do not make the cut. Then, of course, there is the attitude and personality of the therapist. I always aim for maximum results in minimum time.

What is your availability?

I am available on call 7 days a week unless I have prior commitments. I am also available to host information sessions to groups at no charge.

What makes your natural therapies the best choice for resolving health problems?

When compared to drugs there are no side effects which is a huge factor. Also, surgery in many cases is a failure and the damage cannot be reversed leaving permanent scar tissue. When the body is treated holistically, other areas of the body are treated simultaneously not just the main problem area. A problem in one place can often cause a chain reaction and create referred symptoms elsewhere. That is why my “combo treatment” is so effective. If I am treating a painful lower back I also treat the whole back, neck and shoulders - also the legs and feet which are affected by the lower back. This is essential for proper long-lasting results and in most cases not done by most therapists and doctors.

What is the difference between biopuncture and acupuncture?

In both therapies, fine needles are inserted into various points on the body to elicit healing. Biopuncture is a western medicine technique and uses 'trigger points'. Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment and uses 'acupoints'. Both have similar outcomes. I find people understand the concept of using both together so I prefer to use these methods combined. Biopuncture also injects drug-free liquid healing formulas.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on the individual and their unique circumstances. For example, how long has the problem existed? What is the age and general health of the patient? Your lifestyle habits, etc? In most cases, results are obtained quickly, usually 2-6 treatments tend to work for most people.