Treatment Methods


Acupuncture & Biopuncture

Both these therapies are used extensively and successfully by physicians worldwide. They work together to rebalance and harmonize the flow of bio-energy in muscle, connective tissue and internal organs to treat illness and injury. Points are located all over the body and are chosen based on symptoms and diagnosis to elicit healing. The needling of the trigger points releases anti-inflammatory and pain-killing chemicals produced by the body. Homoepathic medicine is also injected if necessary.

medical massage

Medical Massage

Dr. Norwood developed a unique combination of different, but symbiotic, therapies based on his years of experience. This has proven to be the most effective body therapy. Deep tissue massage, shiatsu, tui-na, reflexology, and active isolated stretching are all combined in the same treatment, becoming by far the most effective delivery of massage therapy.



Deep friction on zones of the feet is used to dissolve crystals in painful areas. This reduces symptoms in related parts of the body.

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Pressure exerted with thumbs, fingers, knuckles and elbows on acupuncture points to release blocked circulation and restricted movement. This treats symptoms and restores health.

active isolated stretching

Active Isolated Stretching

Systematic muscle stretching which lengthens the muscle and takes pressure off muscle attachments, reducing pain and restoring normal mobility.

Combination Treatment

By combining acupuncture with shiatsu, Asian massage, reflexology and active isolated stretching, it produces amazing results in just one session. This combination is simply unbeatable!