Real People — Real Results!

I came to Dr. Gary with a very painful neck and shoulder condition, also scapula pain from tennis. In six weeks I was pain free and feeling much better!
Alison Ferber


I suffered from a painful tennis elbow for some time. Pain killers and physio did not help me at all. Dr. Gary corrected this in just a few weeks.
Chris Lanin


I constantly had migraine headaches from an early age. I had basically given up hope. Pain killers, chiropractic and other treatments did nothing. With regular treatments over a couple of months, Dr. Gary healed me immensely!
Gail Martin


I am 82 years old and developed a compound fracture of the third lumbar vertebra. Doctors filled it with compound, sat me in a wheelchair and gave me painkillers (Vicodin). Dr. Gary treated me — eventually stopping the pain. I quit taking the drugs and he got me out of my wheelchair. I feel so much better and can now go to lunch with my friends.
Betty Barnett


I had a fall at work and developed a painful sciatica. Dr. Gary healed me in four treatments - fantastic!
Tony Martin


I injured myself playing football. Severe low back, hip and thigh pain. From the start, Dr. Gary made me feel much better. Physio didn't help at all. After a few weeks I was able to resume the sport I love!
Bruce Johnson


I am an orchestra conductor. I developed numbness, tingling, and pain in my ankles and feet from diabetes. Doctors said they had no treatment for peripheral neuropathy. I couldn't stand for work. Over about ten weeks, Dr. Gary restored function to my feet and I am back at work — amazing!
John Emerson


I am a hard working business person and triathlete. My body become overtired and stressed. I developed multiple body pains and fibromyalgia. After seeing Dr. Gary I reduced my workload and the treatments really began to work. Together we reached a lifestyle balance that keeps me pain free. I have regular treatments for maintenance.
Paula James


I am very physically active with sports and developed plantar fasciitis, with leg and lower back pain. Normal massage and physio did not work for me. I started seeing Dr. Gary a couple of times a week. After a few weeks I had a huge improvement and now I am symptom free. I maintain my results with periodic treatments.
Paul Pellegrino


Dr. Gary got rid of the migraines I had for decades. Nothing else worked. Thank you!
Ruth Carter


I was so tired and stressed from work and personal issues. My neck and back pain was so bad I couldn't sleep at night. I was emotionally desperate and nothing was helping. I came to Dr. Gary as a last resort. He treated me and I began to improve, started sleeping better, had more energy and NO PAIN! He gave me my life back. With periodic treatments, I am still pain-free.
Gail Simmonds